Verbal & Mathematical Intelligence

Throughout the month of December, I will be discussing the different types of intelligences that make people who they are and how they learn more effectively.


This intelligence is primarily a school intelligence and listed first as it is one of the most dominant intelligences. This group of people loves to use words and they think in words, which leaves them with a highly developed auditory or verbal skill set. They generally like activities that incorporate words such as reading, poetry, word games, telling stories. The verbal group is easily taught by getting them to say and see words and they thrive with lecture, computers, tape recorders, and other multimedia. These learners usually end up in careers such as authors, journalists, comedians, lawyers, teachers, and presenters. They are easily able to listen, speak, write, explain, and teach.


This is the second major school intelligence and they are great about reasoning and calculating. This group thinks conceptually and abstractly and like to experiment and solve puzzles. They are easily taught through investigations and mysteries, but they need to learn and form concepts before they are able to deal with details. These learners are curious about the world and they love to ask questions leading them into science professions such as engineers, scientists, economists, accountants, detectives, and other legal professions such as judges.



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