Musical, Kinesthetic, & Visual Intelligence

Throughout December, I am discussing different intelligence types.

Musical Intelligence

This is the first of the arts intelligence that are sensitive to sounds and rhythms everywhere. They generally study better when there is music or noise in the background, but are easily taught when lessons are spoken rhythmically. They are the composers and musicians of the world and they generally grow up remembering melodies and singing and banging on everything. People dominant in this intelligence usually gravitate more to the music industry including composers, recording engineers, musicians, or DJ’s.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

This is the second arts intelligence and they are usually the people that cannot sit still because they use their body movements to learn. Since they are always in motion they have a keen sense of body awareness and they make gestures to emphasize. They learn best by participating in role playing, hands-on learning, and other physical activity and they communicate through body language. This intelligence usually does not show itself until later in life, but they must have equipment and manipulatives or other props. People of this intelligence become athletes, dancers, physical educators, actors, crafty people and surgeons.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

This is the third and last intelligence of the arts. This intelligence thinks in terms of physical space and they are avid visualizers thinking in pictures while using the minds eye. They are extremely aware of their environment and they like to draw, use maps, and daydream. They are best taught through visual stimulus including verbal and physical imagery. Pictures, models, maps, videos, television, as well as multimedia that include graphs and charts are the perfect way to teach people of this intelligence. Amazing as it is, people of this intelligence always have a since of direction and so they become architects, sailors, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors, and strategic planners.



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