SpeakU – Presentation Skills Training Courses

speakU_program_logo_colorSpeakU, our presentation skills training courses, allows busy professionals to improve their presentation skills on their own time and at their own pace with an affordable, easy-to-use training program.

SpeakU is the only presentation skills training that offers lessons on presentation delivery, preparation, strategy, simplifying technical speak, and how to be more comfortable as a presenter. Why? Because that is the Speak Simple difference.

Our flagship presentation skills training takes you through Erica’s proprietary S-I-M-P-L-E program to become a better presenter. This is the same training that has won millions of dollars for our clients and it covers over two years of her executive presentation skills coaching!

In 2017, we revamped SpeakU revamped into a completely online curriculum with numerous small, easy-to-digest multimedia courses ranging from presentation strategy, identifying your audience, delivering sitting presentations, handling Q&A, and much more.

See the entire SpeakU course catalog.

Each SpeakU course includes a mix of different learning formats from worksheets, interactive exercises, videos, audios, and they are all accessible on your mobile devices.

Our presentation skills training courses are perfect for business professionals that:

  • new to presenting or have anxiety about presenting
  • present for sales and bid presentations to win additional work
  • speak to position themselves as experts to increase their billing rate (also known as content marketing or thought leadership)
  • do presentations for investments and to angel investors

Interested in our SpeakU presentation skills training course, try a course out now. Courses start at just $3!