Executive Presentation Skills Coaching

The core of Speak Simple is executive presentation skills coaching, including how to develop and deliver a great presentation that delivers results. Whether you have a specific presentation coming up or want help improving your overall presentation skills, Speak Simple will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of presentations and give you the confidence to be comfortable while you are presenting. Because we know professionals’ time is valuable, we optimized our executive presentation skills coaching to maximize our time together with a mix of hands-on coaching and lessons from our proprietary presentations skills course, SpeakU.

Coaching is offered in multiple formats including individual coaching, team training, and independent learning and works for presenters that are new to speaking and a bit scared, doing bid presentations, or content marketing presentations:

  • executive presentation skills coachingAssessments & Recommendations – A low-cost evaluation of your presentation skills and suggestions on how to become a stronger presenter that engages audiences and accomplishes your goals.
  • RFP & Sales Presentations – Specially designed for technical presentations when money is at stake including bid/RFP presentations.
  • Educational & Technical Presentations – Position yourself as an industry expert by presenting for prospective clients.
  • Keynote & TED-Style Presentations – Transition from a good to great presenter to command top dollar for your presentations and cross TED talk off your bucket list.
  • Expert Witness Technical Training – Train highly skilled technical experts to simply their message especially for law cases to the jury can understand and relate to the information.

Speak Simple is happy to do workshops and presentations for associations and conferences, especially for technical professions.

Erica Olson, our founder, also created SpeakU, our an independent-learning presentation skills training program, for presenters on a budget and wanting to learn on their own schedule.