Unintentional Anger

We talked a little about attitude in past blogs, what about the attitude you are emitting without knowing it? The accidental attitude is far more dangerous because you don’t know that that’s the vibe you are giving off.

If you are any distance away from people you will have to raise your voice a little. If you are a naturally loud person, too much volume can make it seem like you are yelling and angry. Gestures are important and should be used wisely to enhance your message and demonstrate what you are explaining. If you unknowingly are using karate chop hands or are making a chopping gesture during your presentation you could make your audience feel uncomfortable and defensive. If your most comfortable stance includes your hands folded upon your chest you could be closing yourself down and giving the audience the cold shoulder leaving your audience feeling defensive.

It is part of the preparation to be aware if you are using improper gestures, look, or sound angry. Have your colleagues watch you or video record yourself and be self aware, know what it feels like to have proper posture, gestures, and volume and get good at replicating it. It all boils down to proper preparation, a good nights sleep, happy thoughts come morning, and nothing less than your best during the presentation.



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