Soft Costs of Winning Proposals

My new client read my recent blog post about our conversation regarding increasing his firm’s hit rate (What is a 10% Increase in Your Closing Rate Worth? and Cost of a Bad Presentation) and told me about the soft costs of winning proposals. He had an addition to the firm’s increase in revenue – morale. He said the company’s 20% hit rate was depressing. They dreaded preparing for presentations because they didn’t think they’d win and that they were just wasting their time. This made for worse presentations and the problem perpetuated itself with each failed presentation.

Since working with me this past month, they are already 2 for 2 with their presentations. The presentation team is confident and morale at the firm is at an all time high! He said the increased revenue from the new work is great and that they’ve already passed on two opportunities because they don’t have the capacity to do the work. My client sees this as an amazing positive because it is two more presentations they don’t need to prepare for and eventually lose. He mentioned one of their team members was on the fence of leaving the firm because they kept losing projects and he figured his job would eventually be on the line – he has no concerns now.

It is great to see success so quickly with my clients. I look forward to continuing my work with his team and I hope to work with you too.



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