Why You Should Want to Be a Better Presenter

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I developed Speak Simple because I wanted to help people to feel comfortable speaking, connect with their audiences, and for their audiences to understand complex topics. What I quickly learned is this “soft skill” of communicating well delivers hard cash!

I’ve seen how strong speaking skills increase sales first hand with all of my clients, my husband, and myself. When professionals are better speakers and comfortable speaking, they do two things:

  • Appear as the Expert – Whether you call it a subject matter expert or a thought leader, presenting well positions professionals as leaders in their industry because audiences and prospects perceive them as experts. Experts are comfortable with sharing what they know, even to their peers, and this expertise increases the firm’s billable rate and professional’s salary.
  • Close More Deals – Strong presenters engage their prospective clients and make them feel at ease when listening to a good presentation. This makes them comfortable with the expert, and they understand the topic more clearly, thus closing more deals.

Also, by closing more deals and being an industry expert, well-spoken professionals get asked to present at more conferences, to write articles for client trade publications, and to become association leaders. They also are referred more by clients for their expertise and because working with them is comfortable, even when costing more than the industry average.

Remember, many times in business, the most qualified does not win the project or cost more. The person that the client perceives as the expert and whom they are most comfortable with wins the work.



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