Why Presentation Coaching is a New Year’s Resolution

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With the New Year upon us, I expect to get busy again. Each new year brings new inquiries and clients, which just delights me because I love helping people. Many people choose to lose weight, some want to save some money this year, while others want to better themselves professionally, including being better presenters.

This may not be something you’ve thought of as one of your New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few reasons why my clients decide to improve themselves, (maybe a few will ring true for you):

  • New leadership or managerial position that requires speaking to a team and other executives
  • Starting content marketing strategy so presenting educational topics to prospective clients and at client associations
  • Planning a career change and want to be well spoken for job interviews
  • Moving to a public role in the company that involves media interviews and presentations
  • Increase their closing rate by winning more presentations [great way to get the company to pay for your resolution too!]
  • Realization that they speak “over the head” of their clients and prospects and need to simplify their message
  • Overall self-improvement and increase self-confidence
  • Simply, their new budget year started and they’ve been waiting to get started

I also talk to a lot of sales teams and even non-sales professionals about speaking with clients day-to-day. Whatever your motivation in getting better, I’m excited to help. Give me a call at 504-912-4543 so we can discuss improving your presentation skills.



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