Presenting in a Team

I understand it doesn’t always happen, but some times presenting with a team of people is necessary. Especially when new business is at stake, the bidder wants to see who exactly will be handling the account. Just like I have stressed for individual presenters, preparation and strategy is the cure!

It is commonplace to divide the topic up into enough parts that each person in the team gets a piece. They in turn go on their own and research their part and make sure that they have developed a script. After time passes, the presentation goes live and all the team members come up with off the cuff ideas on how to execute the team presentation. Sadly, it never seems to go off well. It partly goes back to the preparation, preparing for a team presentation individually is only part of the problem. Working closely with the other members of the team doesn’t make up the other part entirely, more is needed.

What should actually happen once the topic is decided, the parts are handed out and researched, is practice. Team presenters are often on the surface only and three or four solo parts that appear together do not make up a good team presentation. Practice truly is the cure, and not just practice your individual parts individually, but practice the whole thing as a team several times making sure that the transitions are well thought out and smooth. There is no need for “Now I’ll turn it over to Harry”, or “As my associate just said…”. Repetition is not necessary, but smooth and well thought out transitions are.

In addition, where will other team members be when they are not on stage? How will the visual aid be handled during the transition times? These are all questions that are likely to come up and be worked out during the practice stage. If you don’t practice thoroughly enough, all your audience sees is the dress rehearsal.



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