Two Speakers, One Remote — What to Do?

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I watched a presentation recently with two presenters and they only had one remote. This happens all the time because most computers can only sync with one remote and having two remotes can cause multiple accidental jumps because both presenters hit the remote to advance the slide. So what do you do with two speakers, one remote?

In this case, their exchanges to hand the remote from one speaker to the next became a distraction. Each time a switched needed to happen, they walked near the projector and their hands crossed the projector blocking out the screen. This distraction kept taking the audience’s mind off track and made a few awkward pauses in the presentation.

So, what should you do if you are in this instance? I suggest one speaker using the remote. The two presenters should practice enough to know when the next slides need to be switched. You can also have a subtle gesture to make the remote holder aware it is time to switch the slide.

I always suggest practicing together as a team, but I know this can not always happen as much as desired when presenters are in different cities. One thing that makes the remote handoff smoother is to have both presenters stand on the same side of the screen. With many team presentations, each presenter takes turns as the primary speaker and the other presenter takes a few steps back into the background. Staying just a 6-9 feet away allows the audience to focus on the presenter at the time and makes that transition a bit smoother.

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