It’s important when you are doing a presentation to put yourself into that speech so the audience can get a feel for who you are as a person. That is what they connect to after all. A speech is just words if the presenter doesn’t show their own personality, so inject your own personality and put your twist on it. Let your passion and enthusiasm shine through and don’t hide behind your Powerpoint.

I’ve given many presentations while I ran an outreach program at the local zoo, audiences told me that they could tell I loved animals. I truly enjoy animals and thoroughly enjoy talking and teaching about them as well.

I have always stuck by the motto “talk about something you know”, but you need to take it a step further. Make your topic fun and interesting for yourself first, then make sure that it is something the audience can benefit from secondly. If you’re enjoying the topic and you are in the moment and really having fun with it, it will show and the audience will subconsciously be excited and have a good time as well. Showing your audience that you love what you’re presenting will not only make it easier to convince them, you will see more energy from them and most likely, see passion from them too.



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