Start the New Year with Great Presentation Skills

Happy New Year! It is 2013 already and time for a new start and of course time to plan and commit to New Year’s resolutions. Why not make a promise to work on your speaking skills? It is a challenge in itself to face the fear and just do it. Being a good speaker is truly a benefit, not only in business, but in daily life as well.

Presentations can help your business by connecting the audience to you and your topic. Being a presenter is like being an honorary teacher and the benefit is you leave the audience better than when they came in. Every person is a speaker, not necessarily a presenter – we all speak every day.

People spend majority of their lives talking to people and if we are not physically talking then we are watching others talk. Humans are social creatures and since so much time is spent in conversation it is important to have a good solid foundation of speaking skills. The fantastic news is the same rules that apply to everyday speaking also apply to formal presentations as well, so why metaphorically kill two birds with one stone.

The first step is self-help awareness, which includes being aware of how you naturally go about talking when your brain has taken over. Talking to the mirror, asking your colleagues or friends to observe you while in conversation, or video recording yourself are ways to discover yourself. Analyze the information you have gained and list out some things you would like to work on. Only take one challenge at a time and concentrate on identifying when you do it and then attempt to eliminate or change it.

Adding the assistance of a presentation coach can be of great help for constructive criticism and non-partial point of view can be an asset for continued education and preparation for future presentations. Find opportunities to put your new skills to work such as networking, giving the education segment at your business meeting, talking to your co-workers. Practice is crucial and requires some discipline, practice, and patience, but the rewards will be great!!! Have a great 2013!



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