Say What?

Only after you have identified your topic, three main points, and organization may you think about what how to go about the introduction. Introductions differ depending on where you are and what type of presentation you are giving but they all have three characteristics in common. First an effective introduction will create a favorable atmosphere, second an effective introduction will generate interest in the chosen topic, and third an effective introduction will clarify the purpose in giving the presentation in the first place. Just like we have all heard in basic writing class, the thesis statement has to come within the first paragraph of a research paper. Well that goes for anything including your presentation, the thesis statement or in this case the purpose must be stated rather quickly.

Conclusions are just as important as introductions because a conclusion is the last thing you will say. It is the exclamation point on a fantastic presentation and will be the last thing the audience hears and the first thing they will probably remember about this presentation. The denouement can be achieved in several ways, summary is a condensed version of main headings and important parts. Question what’s next or what the future holds. Inspiration tone and challenge can be appropriate if it is not overdone. Whatever the choice for conclusion, do not weaken the impact of your last stance by thanking the group for coming, for their attention, or stating that you will be around for questions afterward. This will divert attention from t he last dramatic, effective moment. Work to a strong and memorable final sentence and quit.



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