The Last Slide of My Presentation

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last slideYour presentation is coming to a close, you have a strong summary and conclusion the last slide appears for the first time and within seconds of finishing, the technical team turns off the projector.  That’s really too bad because the finale slide is your contact information and the means of how the audience is expected to reach you. This happened to one of my clients after a big keynote address and it was the one critique he received on the comment cards, even though it was out of his control.

If you know that a technical team will be handling the equipment before and after, have a word with them about keeping the last slide up for X amount of time, like 5 minutes after the presentation. A presenter also has some control; you could plan to give your conclusion while the last slide is showing, giving the audience a minute to write down contact information. After all, for most presentations, you’re there for business.



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