Energetic Much?!?!

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Anybody remember Ferris Buller’s Day Off, “Buller, Buller” in such a monotoned voice. Could you imagine listening to a presenter who spoke in that fashion for any length of time? Not just in a monotoned way, but with such a lack of interest in the subject. Bore, I’m sleeping already just imagining it. Even if I liked the topic I would still fall asleep.

Presenting is more than just knowing your stuff, you also have to like it in order to breathe life into it. I remember in college, the subjects that I shared an interest in were the ones I would always score highest in. The subjects that I didn’t like or couldn’t stand but were forced to take were the ones that I would obviously score lowest in.

The truth is that if you are coming up to a presentation, you have to enjoy the topic yourself, by enjoying the topic yourself you can easily convince the audience to like it as well. Breathe life into the subject so to speak.

One of the best speeches that I gave was on my favorite animal. After my presentation, some of the audience members congratulated me on giving the speech and let me know that they didn’t even like that animal before I began, but found appreciation for it after I was done because of my passion for that animal. Energy is contagious, you can convince a person more easily if you are energetic.

Truth be told, energy can get you in trouble too. Going back to that speech I was telling you about, I was so excited that I forgot to breathe until 3 minutes in. I was also so excited that I forgot half of the things I wanted to say. My energy can rev so hard and I speak so fast when excited that the audience has trouble understanding me. Even after hundreds of presentations, I constantly have to work to control my energy so my presentation is a good experience for all.



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