Attitude My Friends

Yes, attitude is necessary, but only good attitude is acceptable.

Going into a presentation with a huge ego is dangerous and can easily turn off your audience. It’s like the saying, “When mom’s happy, everyone is happy.” The same goes for when the boss is happy the office is also happy; it also carries to your audience. If the presenter has a good attitude the audience does too.

Even if you don’t like the topic or are tired of talking about it, you must flip the switch on and make it look like you love the subject. Find the balance between all the emotions and use it to your advantage. The audience can easily absorb the attitude of the presenter making the whole experience a hot mess if the presenter is egotistical or in a bad mood.

Presentations should be about the audience and teaching something that can be useful. It would only be appropriate to take an educational stance and teach the audience from beginning to end, explaining yourself properly and re-explaining so your audience can follow what you are saying and understand completely. Confidence is important, but if you let the ego guide you, the audience will be turned off automatically. Audiences want to engage with you and being personable is the key so make sure you check your attitude at the door.



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