To Sit, or Not To Sit

To sit or stand? The immortal question for presenters. Okay, it might not be an immortal question, but there are benefits and drawbacks to both sitting and standing. Each are appropriate in different times for example, one-on-one client meetings vs. formal presentations. Depending on your situation, you will have to determine what will work best. The skills you master for more formal presentations will greatly help your one-on-one skills.

Standing is better when giving a formal presentation, but not always appropriate for example at your prospect meeting who wants you on their team. Team being the key, sitting although easier, tends to make you look equal. If you wish to remain the expert, then standing is your best option.

Consider the tone of your presentation. If you were going to a rock concert, you wouldn’t expect to sit. The Black Eyed Peas are highly energetic and so you would probably be jumping up and down and dancing to the tunes for the duration. If you were going to listen to a piano concert, you would probably not leave your seat until the concert was complete. It truly depends on the tone you choose to set.

Neither are wrong and each has its place, it is all about tailoring the event to whom you are talking to and the impression you want to instill.



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