Power of Presentation Strategy

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Presentation Strategy – Strategy is the backbone of your presentation. Your presentation should not proceed until the strategy is thought out and you consider all of the possibilities.

  • Will you be using visual aid? If so, be sure to set up your slides using pictures to convey the message and use the visual aid for its purpose, as an aid instead of being your presentation.
  • Will you be standing or sitting? Both options have their place in the workspace, however standing presenters are the expert and the authority, but it is harder to maintain energy throughout the presentation. Sitting presenters are commonly seen as a colleague and tend to mumble and read the slides, but have a much easier time maintaining energy throughout the presentation.
  • web_offer_banner_2losingWill you be in a large area or a small room? A strategy is needed on how to work the room based on its size, especially if the room is long and narrow or very wide.
  • Will you be using a microphone? Be aware that microphones commonly have a delay from when you talk into them. With lavaliere (collar) microphones, you must refrain from turning your head away from the mic. (A common rookie mistake.)
  • How much time do you? Nobody wants you to speak for the entire duration; it’s stressful for the audience to be patient all the way until the last minute and then run out the room to get elsewhere. Running over shows the audience you are ill-prepared and do not consider their time valuable. Err on the side of short when preparing for your presentation.

You must consider all of these elements immediately after you wonder  “What am I going to talk about for this presentation?’  You must utilize your strategy as the guiding light and backbone of your presentation to have a successful presentation.

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