Why Be a Good Speaker?

Presentations are often times the glue that holds companies together and makes them profitable. Talking is a part of our everyday jobs and, like it or not, we are required to give formal speeches for different occasions.

Everybody is a speaker. Whether you speak to groups of people or individuals, talking is a necessary part of any job. The average American spends at least 30% of waking hours talking. Presentations are often times the chance to show off a product, your company, and let your audience get to know you. People hire who they like and they like who they can relate to best. The additional benefit of being in front of people physically is that passion and gestures can be witnessed by the audience and that connects them.

When it comes to prospects, most want to see the technical staff, those who actually work on their projects, do the presentations. These are the people the prospect will be working with day-to-day for months or years even. They care more about this technical team much more then who is the business developer, owner or salesperson. The technical staff generally works behind the computer for a reason–presentations don’t come easy to them.

There are many steps to take during the course of learning to give presentations, but speeches do not have to be the most terrifying experience of your life! Preparation is one of the best cures.



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