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During the course of the many presentations that I have given, every technique that I had tried was through trial and error. I would try something to see how it worked and if I were comfortable utilizing it. I would then continue to tweak my presentation strategy and wording constantly, slightly changing the presentation to have a stronger explanation and tailor the speech to the audience. Since I had given so many presentations about the same thing, the changes were a must in order to keep myself sane, but they were helpful in continuing to get the message across in better words.

This advice is the same for any presenter. If you continue to give a presentation about the same thing frequently, it is extremely easy to get burned out and board. Keep your future presentations fun and interesting by experimenting a little bit, play around with different phrasing, different order. Find new ways of involving the audience, ask questions that make the audience think and/or raise their hand. Throwing candy is a go-to method for keeping the audience involved because who doesn’t want candy? Take an audience poll, ask for a volunteer to help with something, be creative with props, add humor are all options to spicing up your future presentations. Never forget to make sure that your audience is taken into consideration and the presentation is for them. Although you’ve said it dozens of times, this is their first time and they want to see you at your best.



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