Speak “English” Please

Over the weekend, I was at a classic car show where I was listening to a friend of my parents talk about the time her mother was in the hospital. The doctor took time and explained the procedure in plain English, without any jargon or acronyms. Understanding the situation fully, in partnership with the doctor, they made a plan to proceed. The family appreciated this very much and because of the doctors effort, they knew that they were in good hands and therefore, they trusted that doctor. Years later, when her sister needed a similar procedure, they were at ease because they had the same doctor that talked them through the process and had better bedside manner. It is a proven fact that surgeons with great bedside manner are sued much less than the highest skilled surgeons that don’t have bedside manner at all– people like them more and empathize with them, even when things do not come out perfectly.

Think about your own company. People hire who they like and they like people they can relate to and trust. Would you hire your team if you weren’t in the industry? Clients will not relate to you if you speak over their head in words that are meaningless and they would be highly  unlikely to hire you. Simplify you words and focus on the end result, your client’s needs.



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