Prepare for the Worst or Prepare to Be Your Best?

Preparation is the key to a successful presentation, that is true. Proper preparation entails taking everything into consideration, developing a strong strategy, and executing the plan flawlessly, but when preparing, do you prepare for the best or the worst?

It may be best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, says the realistic side of me. Preparing for nothing to go wrong and keeping the “it can’t happen to me” attitude can make disaster if problems occur and you don’t know how to handle them. Stay positive but be a realist and know how to handle the hiccups. Think through what could possibly happen and what would be the best way to handle of avoid them. What would you do in each of the possible scenarios, talk it out and when practicing plan for something to go wrong. It sounds bad but it will give you practice at overcoming the bumps in the road, rebound and get back on track. The last thing any presenter would want is for the problem to take spotlight and you take the back burner, all your hard work goes to waste because the focus is no longer on you. It’s about letting the distraction pass and continuing along as if it never happened. Don’t refer to the problem, and keep a sense of humor. Remember that you must keep up the same energy as before the incident occurred and don’t be distracted by waiting for something to happen, assume that nothing will and remain positive!




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