How To Use a Lavaliere Microphone

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A Lavaliere is defined as a small microphone that can be pined onto clothing for hands free operation. As a presenter, the use of a microphone is necessary when presenting in a large room. Lavaliere microphones are helpful because they allow for hands-free operation, giving the presenter the opportunity to use hands for demonstration, or gestures as well as the opportunity to move about the stage. It also allows the presenter to get away from that pesky podium, but it is important for presenters to learn how to use a lavaliere microphone.

Unfortunately, the lavaliere microphone comes with its own challenges and requires an additional and special strategy when it is being used.

  • The lavaliere microphone is usually pinned to your tie, lapel, or middle of your shirt, allowing the microphone to pick up your voice when you are talking and looking forward. I suggest running the cord under your shirt so the wires are not distracting to the audience and do not get caught in your hands when speaking.
  • Lavalieres are so small, oftentimes presenters forget that they are there and turns his/her head so the microphone is no longer useful. When using a lavaliere, you need to turn your entire body, not just your head.
  • New users of lavaliere microphones tend to speak softer than normally requiring the A/V team to turn up the volume causing small gestures like the wrinkling of clothing to now be audible. It is best to still speak loudly, as if you did not have a microphone on to maximize the lavaliere’s effectiveness – still no need to shout though.

Lavalieres can take practice to master. My best advice, forget they are there and present naturally. You will quickly forget they are there and get back into your normal presentation style.


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