“Make It Work”

As a fan of Project Runway, I find myself watching it and relating most to Tim Gunn’s famous line “Make It Work”. Although he is normally talking to the designers about working with the materials they have or finding a way to make their ideas work, the saying holds true to many different parts of life, including presentations.

Whatever your profession and whatever the topic of your presentation there is always a way to “Make It Work”! It’s about finding the right way or various ways of talking about the subject and conveying the message to the audience, and it will probably take quite a bit of trial and error. Try verbally rehearsing it first, talk to the dog and see how you feel, are you following what you are saying? Second grab a co-worker and ask them if they followed the conversation. Third step is to voice record yourself and self analyze.

Adding a coach in the mix will help throughout the entire process as a objective view to give you constructive criticism for improvements.  You will be amazed what preparation and practice can do to help you realize where improvements can be made and give you the confidence that you made it work.



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