Business Situations, Are you Prepared?

Business professionals usually find themselves in one of two situations, either presentations or prospect meetings, both are important and both center on talking to people. Actually most of life involves people talking to other people.

I have said many times that presentations can make or break a company. Presentations work because the audience is getting the experience live and are able to relate to you the speaker. Simple one-on-one conversations are easier, less scary, and are usually the go-to method for gaining business, but they often keep you look like a colleague or equal. So if one option is simpler than the other, then why stress to do the more complicated one.

Well, there is a need for both and it will be your responsibility to decide when each is appropriate so you and your team are properly prepared. If you are involved in any business group, chances of you having to give a short presentation are great. The truth is that if you prepare in depth for your longer presentations, the better your shorter presentations will become. As a speaker, you must analyze the situation and tailor your plan to what will be perceived as the stronger strategy. Good Luck!



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