Why Have a Presentation Coach?

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We are in the height of football season, basketball season, and my new favorite, hockey season. All of these sports have something in common, coaches. There is no professional athlete that would turn away the help of a coach, especially when it comes to coaches that have a specialty. Yet in all other walks of life, coaches are turned away and ignored because it’s extra money that is unnecessarily spent.

Hmm, sounds peculiar. There is only so much individuals can teach themselves without experience; why wouldn’t you utilize all of the tools at your disposal?

Professional coaches bring experience by doing and working with others, proven solutions, and objective opinions that are incredibly useful when preparing for something like a presentation.

Presentations that don’t win are a waste of time, lost grants or lost funding is a waste of time, prospects that don’t hire you is a waste of time. Time is money, especially when you have billable team members not working on billable projects. To get past this, one needs to realize that they need help.

One of my recent clients brought me in to help his presentation that he gives to prospects where he was closing 70% of business. That is a high closing percentage and I was unsure why he hired me at first. We revitalized the visual aid slides stripping them of bullet points, reordered and clarified the entire presentation. He is now closing over 90% including the 7 presentations he gave immediately following me working with him. That’s over a 20% boost in his closing rate, which means his return on investment (ROI), more than covers coaching fees. Not to mention that he will reuse this presentation for years and the skills I refined much longer.



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