What to Do After Your Presentation

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I’ve written blogs before about being a mixer before your presentation. It is important to arrive early and meet people so you are more comfortable beginning your speech knowing at least a few faces in the audience. It is just as important for the presenter to stay behind and answer questions and elaborate on a few points after the presentation is complete. The audience generally has questions about how your topic relates to their own experiences, or how they can take your points and implement it in their own lives. Some audience members are reluctant or scared to ask a question in front of everyone. Also, some questions are not appropriate or are too specific to waste the entire room’s time asking so they will ask you one-on-one later. Let the audience know that you truly care about their successes too by staying behind and refine the information on how to help them.  Your audience is the focus of the entire presentation – after all, without an audience, you’re just talking to yourself. A presenter gears the topic and the points of interest to the audience’s needs, so why would that caring presenter not stay behind to answer questions?



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