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I spend quite a bit of time with my nose is some kind of resource learning more about presentations. I also spend a considerable amount of time listening to other presenters, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. More often I am hearing from people that they are aspiring presenters or have just recently begun presenting more frequently and are looking for additional places to speak. If you think about it, people wanting to speak more is a bit peculiar. That is because it is well known that America’s number one social fear is public speaking. The reason more people want or need to present is because the value of presentations can be quite large, for the speaker and his/her business.

In a recent survey of 170 participants, 76% of all respondents indicated that they need presentations to do their job. About 90% of the subjects indicated that they attend 1-2 presentations per week and only half of the events attended were actually worth their time. In another study, only 1 out of 8 presentations were viewed as valuable. Not good if you are presenting. The good news is that, good presenters stand out, are remembered, and win more work!

The reason most presentations are not worth the time is the majority of these presentations are provided by untrained people who deliver monologues instead of engaging in conversation. The biggest opportunity for presentations doesn’t come from improving the way we present, it’s from making your content more exciting and engaging the audience. Oddly, most presentation coaches don’t get this either. They can only teach you how to deliver your message better, now how to create a better message.

blog_offer_6_fears_guideThe value a great presentation can bring to your company is staggering. Look at Apple for instance. The presentations they give to launch new products rallies the public and excites people to stand in line for hours (sometimes days) anxious to get a new device. In comparison, Windows’ similar product launches were only attended by industry reporters that had to be there and the event drew little to no buzz. Just in the last few years, Windows has stepped up their presentation (and retail store) game to match Apple.

Presentations bring attention to the presenter’s skills or a company’s differentiation thus making them stand out above everyone else. A presenter that did a great job when speaking is remembered well after the presentation is done and when needed, people call you.

A business’ success can be directly linked to how well employees represent their company, in prospect presentations and in day-to-day conversations with clients and vendors.


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