Presentation Case Study – Rising Technology Star


A large technology company requests their young, internal project manager to step up and start representing the company by presenting. This was a key career move for the sharp project manager and an opportunity she knew she had to seize.


Although she knew the content, she was not an experienced presenter and generally communicated only internally. She did not know where to start to create a presentation, lacked confidence, and regularly spoke in code (jargon).


We lead her through each step of crafting her presentation. Following the correct process and thinking through the topic thoroughly, it gave her the confidence that she knew the material and she could share it easily. Also, because she created the presentation herself, she made it her own, which increased her confidence. During rehearsals, we worked on body movements and appropriate hand gestures as well as removed jargon from her language.


The presentation was successful and lead to multiple business inquiries from prospective clients in the audience and impressed her manager. The successful presentation also gave her confidence and the skills needed for future presentations and communications with clients.