Presentation Case Study – Regional Speaker Goes National


A seasoned regional presenter that used educational presentations to build awareness and credibility for his firm and share his niche expertise.


He struggled to get to the national level. He was able to resubmit a presentation during a call for presentations after a speaker dropped out, but was told he needed to rework it to make it more logical and easier to follow – it couldn’t fail at this second chance.


We discussed the purpose and goals of the presentation to reorder the presentation and strip out unnecessary info that the presenter couldn’t remove because he was “too close to the subject”. Later, we coached him on how to deliver a very interactive presentation including suggesting doing a practice run through with his local chapter of the association, which identified serious errors in his visual aids.


The revised presentation was accepted at the national conference and the new description lead to a standing-room only session. The presentation got rave reviews on social media and on conference surveys. He later presented the same presentation at multiple regional and national conferences, further building awareness for his firm and bringing in new clients nationally.