Presentation Case Study – Management Company Increases Closing Rate


Property management company that primarily works with homeowner associations and manages multi-family housing in Metro New Orleans.


Because the company’s clients are generally boards, they use a presentation to explain their services and value. Although the company closed 60% of their prospects, the executive team felt there was room for improvement.


We worked with the primary presenter to strip down the content on the visual aid and made it more image based to move an audience’s focus from the screen to the speaker. During rehearsals and run-throughs, we coached the presenter on body language and worked to remove distracting crutch words.


During the first presentation, the speaker felt the difference immediately because he was now the focal point and not the screen because he wasn’t reading it anymore. This made him feel empowered and the audience saw him as the expert. The company closed the next 7 presentations and has greatly increased their client list over the next year.