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I believe education is the key to great things and I want to share my experiences, expertise, and message with you. Please download these guides and share them with your colleagues.

Download our free 6 Amazing Ways to Overcome Presentation Fear

Public speaking is America’s top social fear, but it doesn’t have to be.

Download this FREE guide that includes 6 amazing ways to overcome your fears, including the must important thing you should never do.

This guide is a must-read for new and fearful presenters.


6 Presentation Strategies to Increase Your Closing Rate 20%!

If you present for bids and proposals, you need to download this incredible guide. Erica gives 6 of her best strategies in this FREE guide that have helped her clients increase their closing rate including one client going from 20% to 80%!

Implementing just 1 of the 6 strategies will dramatically increase your chance of winning your next presentation and earn your firm thousands or millions of dollars in new work.

SpeakSimple_18ways_ContentMarketing_ROI18 Ways to Maximize Thought Leadership Presentations

Whether you call them thought leadership presentations, content marketing presentations, or subject matter expert presentations — presentations are an excellent way to showcase your expertise and gain visibility in front of key prospects. However, most professionals squander their opportunities to speak and never see a real return on their time.


SpeakSimple_flawless_webinarExpert Guide to Flawless Webinars Guide

Many presenters and marketers are nervous about making the move online to webinars because so many have failed to successfully capture the magic and ROI of their in-person presentations.

Download my guide to learn webinars basics including the different webinar formats and platforms, how to successfully prepare for a webinar, how to build engagement when your audience is remote, and the tools you need to deliver a flawless webinar.


video-6_steps_effective_communication6 Steps to Effective Communication

Watch my 31-minute video on how to make presentations S-I-M-P-L-E.

My presentation is perfect for new speakers and technical professionals struggling to share their thoughts with audiences and prospects. My S-I-M-P-L-E training has earned my clients millions of dollars in new work in bid presentations, increased billing rates from content marketing, and higher speaker fees.

bid_presentations_david_vs_goliathHow to Win Bid Presentations – David Vs. Goliath

Many companies have to present to win new work including architecture, construction, marketing, and IT firms. The little guy, David, can win and dominate the mega-firms, Goliath, in any industry.

Fill out the form below to watch how I helped my “David” beat up on their industry’s Goliath 4 out of 5 times to win millions of dollars in new work!