Presentation Case Study – An International Speaker


A business coach that is a seasoned speaker and veteran Toastmaster that was working to get to the next level of being a keynote speaker internationally.


He had three high-profile presentations in one week in a country he’d never been to before. At each of these events, he was the only speaker and the setup with ideal with a riser stage, multiple screens, a reference monitor, but the 3-hour presentation had a 30-minute break halfway through it.


We expanded a smaller, 1-hour presentation that he regularly gave and we altered the order of the presentation to introduce the key “aha moment” just before the break to keep the audience engaged during the break. Then the presenter explained that “aha moment” in detail after the break, instead of at the end of the entire session as previously done with the shorter presentation. We also collaborated on a call to action that would work from across the globe.


He received rave reviews and the audiences talked about the “aha moment” throughout the breaks. The calls to action lead to ongoing new business after the presentation and this sets the stage for him to command a value for future presentations.