Oh Shoot, I have a Presentation Soon!

Oh no, what are you going to do now that you have a presentation this week or worse, tomorrow? Never fear, Speak Simple can lead you and your team through a crash course in presentations to have the confidence and comfort level to be prepared for your fast approaching presentation. Our team’s coaching is specially designed for technical professionals for project presentations, special events, and presenting at conferences.

Your crash course will begin with evaluating your plan of action for the presentation as well as the presentation’s guidelines and format. Once the plan is set, the Speak Simple team will review your team’s abilities and make recommendations for an immediate improvement. This hands on coaching session will put you and your team at ease knowing they are prepared for this presentation and the next.

Call Speak Simple now at 504-912-4543 because time is limited.


Note: The Oh Shoot, I have a Presentation Tomorrow! is subject to availability.