Expert Witness Presentation Training

Expert Witness Presentation TrainingExpert witness can be the turning point during a trial. While many attorneys are adept at training these experts what to say and what not to say, most expert witnesses are so technically advanced that the jury can not grasp the information told to them so they can not make a judgement using this information. Expert witness presentation training can help you engage and relate your audience (jury, judge, and courtroom), which increases your fees.

Because of Speak Simple’s background in working with technical professionals to simplify their message, the team is uniquely positioned to train expert witnesses to be understood by juries. We work with the attorneys and expert(s) on the goals of the testimony to ensure the message accomplishes each objective and then get to the root of the information by stripping away complex jargon and terminology. We will also work with the experts to deliver with confidence to build credibility.

web_offer_banner_video_6steps_communicationSpeak Simple has multiple formats for Expert Witness Presentation Training including:

If you have an upcoming trial that requires an expert witness testimony, don’t rely on the jury to figure out the message. Contact Speak Simple at 504-912-4543 to hand the message to them on a platter.