Big Room, Small Audience

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What happens when you are supposed to present in a large room set for 300 people, and you have an audience of 75-100 people? This may sound absurd or a rare instance, but it happens all the time at conferences. To save costs, conference organizers will use the ballroom where everyone gathers for keynote addresses as a room for breakout sessions.

So, what do you do in this instance? Many presenters will ask everyone to still near the front of the room. This can still create a problem because you have a very wide room to speak to making it hard to engage audience members on the edges of the room. If the room has a two screens flanking the stage, I suggest turning off one screen and setting up around the other screen. Don’t worry about the stage and lectern (podium), which would have only made it harder to engage your audience.

Utilizing one screen will give you a cone-shaped room set up with you are at the point. You at the focal point is ideal. This shrinks the room and gives a much more intimate feel for both you and the audience. You may not even need a microphone with this smaller setup.

Have you ever had other odd room set ups? If so, contact us so we can discuss it on a future blog topic.



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