Simple Workshops & Presentations

As you would guess, Erica loves to present. She is regularly asked to speak at association meetings, conferences, and lunch-and-learns on presentation skills, translating technical speak to common language, and being a more confident speaker to win more clients.

Featured presentations:

  • Presentations made S-I-M-P-L-E  – Speak Simple makes presentations to prospects & clients S-I-M-P-L-E by breaking down how to prepare for and execute great presentations. From bid presentations to day-to-day interactions, people buy from who they like and no one likes a professional taking over their head. Learn to simplify your language and connect with prospects and clients. Speak Simple will cover everything from whether to sit or stand, what to do with those darn hands, to projecting your voice and tips on calming yourself to be confident, not nervous.
  • Stop Talking in CODE –  One of the biggest challenges for technical professionals when presenting is speaking to their audience’s level. Whether it be a formal presentation, a sales call, or day-to-day communications with a client, technical professionals must simplify their language to put a customer at ease. The national parks and zoos have used interpretation to “translate” the complicated, so audiences understand and relate to the subject. Erica brings her five years of interpretation experience to the private sector and prepares marketers, business developers, and technical professionals to relate to their audience, which is usually a prospective or current client. We will review why professionals need to simplify; the steps needed to prepare a solid presentation and cover different learning styles and approaches
  • No “I” in Team – Most professional service and technical companies are required to present to obtain new business. Even though presentations are the lifeblood of the company, few companies are skilled at actually giving presentations. This presentation will review the steps to creating a great presentation and review ways to overcome multiple team presentation faux pas like transitions and talking over one another.
  • TED-Style & Keynote PresentationsTED has set the presentation world a fire, and most good presenters list a TED talk on their professional bucket list. This workshop will review the steps of applying for a TED talk and how to go from a good presenter to a great presenter. 
  • What to Absolutely Not to Do When Presenting A fun, engaging look at the 10 ways to blow a presentation. See first hand when everything goes wrong. Learn what not to do and have a few laughs at the same time.
  • Get Visual  – How to utilize visual aids (including Powerpoint) to enhance the audience’s understanding of the topic because over 75% of information is retained three days later when presented both orally and visually. Become a pro using props to connect to your audience instead of them being a distraction.
  • Scared of a Mic? – Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is most people greatest fear meaning most people would rather be in the coffin instead of giving the eulogy. Erica will review three significant steps to overcoming the fear of public speaking including ways to prepare and last minute tips to calming the nerves.

Shorts (3-10 minutes)

  • Such a Crutch – A brief presentation about defining crutch words such as umm, so, like and you know; why we use them; and several steps to curing them.
  • Hands, What Hands?What to do with those darn hands during a presentation including a look at what not to do with them.
  • Do You Read Body Language, your Audience DoesThe dos and don’ts of body language of speakers and what it tells your audience.
  • Caution Danger AheadHow to cope with distractions, stay on track, and strategies to avoid potential disasters to keep your audience engaged and your message enact.

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