Transitions Beware

Just like in the written words, transitions are usually problem areas for most presenters. It is easy to choose a topic and prepare the information, but to transition from one thought to the next and maintain a flow is sometimes really difficult. Filler words such as uh, um, like, so, and you know mostly come out when the brain is straining to transition. Transitions need to be well thought out, wisely chosen, and rehearsed.

Your presentation needs to flow effortlessly and take on a zen of its own. It will feel very rigid and boxy if transitions are not put into place strategically. Arrange your information so one idea flows into the next so nobody notices that you have begun a new idea In other words,  you don’t want to take too big of a leap from one topic into another. Just like the trees transition from one season to the next flawlessly and with little effort, so much your speech.

Part of that effortless transition is to make sure that your information flows. In order for your information to flow, you must make sure that all of the simple parts are covered. Make sure that throughout your speech, all items are explained.

You will want script out your speech and think about how it sounds to you and how to make it flow better. What will be the best way to move from one subtopic to another and maintain a flow. Practice  and know  your presentation inside and out, this ensures that you don’t get stuck on those transitions and that the words are ready to come out of your mouth.



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