Be A Mixer!

The day of the presentation you will want to make sure that you have a great frame of mind, are confident and ready and that you look the part. It is still important to know where you are going and arrive early to check out the room, make sure your equipment works, check out the seating arrangement, lights, room temperature, and ventilation are to your liking.

Once you are certain that all is in a state of readiness, you can take the extra time to mingle with the audience arriving.  Meeting the audience is important because you are meeting friendly faces to get you through your presentation, establishes a comfortable atmosphere, it helps wield the audience into a responsive whole, gives you the opportunity to observe the mood, it allows you to gather and arrange your introduction, establishes individuals who are rooting for your success rather than an overwhelming mass and that allows you to manage your nervous tension.

By meeting the audience you gradually move from talking to individuals to discussing with small groups, to presenting to a single large group and that makes for an easier transition to the nervous presenter.




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