The Fidgeters

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I’ve written blogs before about the different learning styles and how    people are a combination of them. Kinesthetic learners are those people   who have to participate in order to learn, they are also the people who can’t sit still. Kinesthetic learners are always in motion and that doesn’t go away when they are giving a presentation.

Those who have a high kinesthetic ranking tend to fidget with everything while they are speaking and they don’t even realize they are doing it. They twiddle their thumbs, toss the remote control back and forth in hand, they would also be likely to constantly squeeze a stress ball or click a pen for the duration they are speaking, and even more likely to jingle whatever might be in pockets.

Things like change, paperclips, pens, and any other small item list could possibly be in a pocket, most of these items jingle and make noise, which causes a distraction when listeners are trying to concentrate. Those who are prone to pocket jingling should remove everything from all pockets before you get out of the car to walk into a presentation. Don’t be tempted to reach into pockets for comfort, it won’t be an option, as a matter of fact keep hands out of pockets period.

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