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Recently I’ve embarked on a new journey, a weight loss journey. I started following the Ideal Protein weight loss plan on my own at home and managed to lose about 20 pounds. After 2 months of trying, I stopped losing weight – my weight loss flat lined. After two months of success, I had two months of nothing but dread. I felt as thought I was doing everything perfectly right, but I still wasn’t getting anywhere. After two months of patiently waiting for the weight to drop,  I got frustrated not having any success that I finally broke down and went to the local dietitian’s clinic.

This coach got coached! On my first visit to the clinic we went through the same diet that I had been following at home to refresh my memory. I then learned that I wasn’t doing everything perfectly right like I had thought; I was in fact doing multiple things wrong and there was a reason why my scale wasn’t dropping. To make my goal, I had to change and get even stricter on what I was eating. Now I had someone to hold me accountable, and a person to answer my questions. I have now lost almost 70 pounds in total, most of which I lost in the last months since going to the clinic.

blog_offer_6_fears_guideWHY AM I TALKING ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS? It’s a  decision I needed to make to reach my goals, I had to accept that there were things I just couldn’t do alone. I only knew a little bit of what I needed to know and I put myself in my client’s shoes, that coaches are a necessity to reaching those ultimate goals. One can only get so far on their own before you stagnate and stop making process. There was and still are, a lot of fine-tuning things that my weight loss coach has done for me. Things I NEVER thought of! She can do this because she has much more education than I and can draw from a wide variety of experiences with her other patients. The same holds true for all coaches. All coaches and teachers have more education and experience with others as well as offering an impartial outside view that can truly allow you to see what’s going on and correct the wrong doing in order to once again see forward progress.

I had a client that gave a keynote presentation to a conference and after he was done, his fellow Toastmasters could only count how many ums he used and how he excessively used his hands or paced. None of that was the problem. What happened was the messaging was overshadowed by a story and the audience walked away with no take-away leaving them frustrated. An experienced Toastmaster could not see the root of the problem or the big picture because he didn’t have the advanced education and understanding that I have of presentations.

If you’re struggling to get from good to great or from great to amazing, and there are a lot of resources out there. Piecing all of that information together is the problem and it’s easy to get lost, a coach is probably the answer. A coach, in any discipline, will fine tune the edges, critique the little details, and give you insight and that extra push that you can’t give yourself. Don’t fret about getting help. The best athletes in the world have coaches that make them even better.

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