Simple Technique for Multiple Presenters

I love blowing people’s minds with something so simple. You see, I’ve coached hundreds of presentations including keynotes, thought leadership, and high-stakes bid presentations as well as done thousands of presentations myself, so I’ve made observations about presentations including a simple technique for presentations with multiple presenters — step forward when speaking.

Let me explain the importance of this subtle, yet powerfully simple technique. Whether you have two, three, or five presenters, the presenters need to come across as a unified team so you need to do some things alike, but not everything. When one member is talking, that person needs to be the expert and be the focus so the audience keeps their eyes on that presenter. (That speaker should step away from the lectern too–last week’s post.)

web_offer_banner_2losingRegardless the size of the stage or area you’re working with, you need to add some subtle spacing between the person speaking and the rest of the speakers. Having the rest of the presenters slightly in the background keeps them quiet so they don’t speak over the primary speaker of the moment. (One of the biggest challenges having multiple presenters is the non-speaking presenters become a distraction.)

If two speakers are presenting together and feeding off each other, then it is appropriate to have both presenters out in front. (If this is the case, I suggest you read my past post – Two Speakers, One Remote — What to Do?)

During Q&A (Questions & Answers) in either bid presentations or thought leadership speaking engagements, I suggest the team standing in a line and taking a slight step forward when responding to a question.

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