Speak Simple Difference

bigstock-Vietnamese-mid-adult-woman-sta-12811559Most presentation coaching companies fall into one of two categories: big box, generic trainings and professional speakers that coach on the side between gigs. Speak Simple is completely different because it is led by Erica Olson whose sole focus is coaching. She has the experience to back it up too with over 1,000 presentations delivered why doing outreach education with Audubon Zoo. While at the zoo, she also coached adult and youth volunteers on their presentations and used a specialized method known to zoos, aquariums, and parks as Interpretation.

Interpretation is the blend of art and science where the presenter “translates” the complex to simple speak so the audience understands and is engaged regardless of their knowledge level. Erica brings Interpretation to the corporate sector and works with technical professions such as engineers, lawyers, doctors, technology consultants, and managers to speak to their audience’s level. For most professional service firms, acquiring new work is done with proposals and presentations. Speak Simple helps teams with the latter part, wining with the presentation.

While most presentation consultants and coaches focus only on the physical side of presenting, otherwise known as the mechanics, Speak Simple starts at the beginning and works with you and your team in preparing great presentations. Presentations start with a strategy and goals and require practice to prefect. Erica and her team coach you through each step of the way and prepare you to win more work and have better relationships with your clients because they understand you.

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