Presentation Case Study – A Seasoned Speaker


A business coach that is a seasoned speaker with past speaking engagements across the United States and Europe. This presenter has read nearly every presentation book and is a veteran member of Toastmasters.


He had given a keynote address numerous times, but it didn’t have the impact he desired. He struggled to get from good to great and command top dollar for speaking engagements. Although a seasoned, well-educated speaker, he couldn’t tie together all the tips and couldn’t put his finger on what was still missing.


We started at the beginning and went back to his goals and what he wanted his audience to takeaway from the presentation. From there, we rerouted the content around those points so the story didn’t overload the presentation, which previously left no time for him to get to the moral of the story. The thing he was missing with organization and an objective view of his presentation.


After his next presentation, several audience members approached him to tell him that they’d seen him present that particular presentation before and they just got it because it was more clear and they retained more information. The audience understood the moral of the story and got each of his takeaways.