Power of Design

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My husband is a graphic designer, so of course, he has the artsy “everything needs to look good” attitude of the world (he actually cared what our wedding invitations looked liked – how many grooms even noticed?). He is correct if you think about it, it is human nature to make quick judgments on just about everything in life within seconds of seeing it for the first time. That is especially true if you are building a reputation or maintaining a reputation. Your visual aid shouldn’t be any different!

It is far too easy to use the already created, awful looking templates in the visual aid software, like Microsoft Powerpoint. Those templates don’t convey anything about your personality or your company’s personality. It is imperative that your presentation represents your brand and your personality with a unique style and appearance.

Having a unique visual aid will hold the attention, but more importantly create a lasting impression building credibility for you, the presenter. Designed, non-cluttered slides absent of bullet points are a vital asset to your presentation and your credibility. Since the information cannot come from the visual aid itself, it must come from the vocal presentation making the presenter the expert.

 Don’t believe me, next time you see a presentation, look at the first two slides of the visual aid – do they make the presenter seem more credible or less professional?



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