How to Have Fun When Presenting

Many new presenters shy away from speaking because they are nervous presenting and it may bore them. You have to learn how to overcome your fears and how to have fun presenting. Luckily, you can overcome the fear of public speaking and actually have fun presenting with the same three steps.

3 Ways to Have Fun Presenting

  • Outline Your Presentation –  Many beginner speakers make the mistake of scripting out their presentation and tediously review every word with excruciating detail. When presenting, trying to remember that perfect phrasing and word choice makes speakers more nervous and causes them to make more mistakes. Instead, determine your goals, brainstorm your ideas, and create an outline of your presentation. Know that your word selection will vary and improve each time you practice your presentation. Having an outline will free yourself from worrying about what you plan to say and allow you interact with your audience instead of reading a script.
  • Practice Your Presentation – The best thing any presenter can do to dimish any fears is to practice the presentation. I find that you can eliminate 80% of your fears by being prepared. That last 20% of nervousness is actually a good thing. Having some butterflies in your stomach gives you added excitement that your audience can sense. (Luckily, audiences usually can’t tell that you’re nervous unless you announce it to them, which I never suggest doing because all it does is draw the audience’s attention to any nervous energy you exhibit instead of having them focus on your message.)
  • Engage Your Audience – By outlining and practicing your presentation, you do not need to read a script or off your screen, so you can look your audience in the eyes. To beginner speakers, eye contact may seem like a counterintuitive method of reducing public speaking fears but science proved it works after numerous studies. Engaging your audience with eye contact allows you to seem them as humans instead of an impersonal mass of people, which calms your nerves.

Always remember that your audience is rooting for you. Your audience wants you to succeed and they want to hear your message. Keep in mind, a presenter that has fun presenting is much more exciting for them than a boring speaker.


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