Thought Leadership Presentation Skills Training

Whether you call it a thought leadership presentation, content marketing, or just education, showcasing your knowledge as a subject matter expert (SME) is vital in today’s business environment.

web_offer_banner_3_contentmarketingAccording to studies on content marketing, public speaking is one of the top ways to showcase one’s expertise and gain visibility, second only to writing a book. (Pairing both is an incredible combination; I know from experience.) The cost of not sharing your expertise leads to a fight for low price clients; something no one wants to do.

Thought leadership presentations include presenting at conferences, keynote presentations, hosting webinars, and speaking on video for your blog. Communicating your expertise at a level your audience can truly understand you is vital. Otherwise, you’re just wasting get your time and damaging the opportunities in the room.

To maximize you need to come prepared and have a strategy for acquiring leads as a result of your presentation without coming across as salesy. It starts with your goals; your goal must be to educate, and the sales will come as a byproduct. Also, you want to be personable because people hire who they like because they can always find someone else to do the same work.

Download my guide to learn the 21 ways to maximize your ROI of content marketing presentations.

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