Thought Leadership Presentation Skills Training

Whether you call it a thought leadership presentation, content marketing, or just education, showcasing your knowledge as a subject matter expert (SME) is vital in today’s business environment.

web_offer_banner_3_contentmarketingAccording to studies on content marketing, public speaking is one of the top ways to showcase one’s expertise and gain visibility, second only to writing a book. (Pairing both is an incredible combination; I know from experience.) The cost of not sharing your expertise leads to a fight for low price clients; something no one wants to do.

Thought leadership presentations include presenting at conferences, keynote presentations, hosting webinars, and speaking on video for your blog. Communicating your expertise at a level your audience can truly understand you is vital. Otherwise, you’re just wasting get your time and damaging the opportunities in the room.

To maximize you need to come prepared and have a strategy for acquiring leads as a result of your presentation without coming across as salesy. It starts with your goals; your goal must be to educate, and the sales will come as a byproduct. Also, you want to be personable because people hire who they like because they can always find someone else to do the same work.

Download my guide to learn the 21 ways to maximize your ROI of content marketing presentations.

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10 Reasons Why I Don't Write Presentations for My Clients

web_offer_banner_3_contentmarketingOccasionally I get calls from prospective clients that want to give me a loose idea of what they’re thinking about for a presentation along with a few vague parameters, and they want me to send them a completed PowerPoint slide deck and accompanying script in a few days. I inform them that I don’t write presentations for other speakers, but I will guide them and educate them through the entire presentation preparation process, and here is why. 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Write Presentations for My Clients I’m Not the Subject Matter Expert – Yes, I can interview someone and ghostwrite a presentation, but it is best for the expert to share their own thoughts in the presentation because that is what the audience wants and needs. The expert’s viewpoint and expertise is why audiences attend a presentation, not to hear someone recite something; they can read what someone else wrote.Read More »

How to Have Fun When Presenting

Many new presenters shy away from speaking because they are nervous presenting and it may bore them. You have to learn how to overcome your fears and how to have fun presenting. Luckily, you can overcome the fear of public speaking and actually have fun presenting with the same three steps. 3 Ways to Have Fun Presenting Outline Your Presentation –  Many beginner speakers make the mistake of scripting out their presentation and tediously review every word with excruciating detail. When presenting, trying to remember that perfect phrasing and word choice makes speakers more nervous and causes them to make more mistakes. Instead, determine your goals, brainstorm your ideas, and create an outline of your presentation. Know that your word selection will vary and improve each time you practice your presentation. Having an outline will free yourself from worrying about what you plan to say and allow you interact with your audience insteadRead More »

3 Ways Presenters Sabotage Themselves by Saying 'Thank You'

web_offer_banner_3_contentmarketingOver the Thanksgiving Day break last week, I pondered about all that I’m thankful for, much like I assume many of you did.  I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family, to do what I’m passionate about, and to help my clients succeed with their presentations. I also got thinking about giving thanks during presentations and about the three naive ways presenters sabotage themselves by merely saying “thank you” the wrong way. I’m sure these will surprise you, and I hope they get you thinking.  3 Ways “Thank You” Sabotages Your Presentation Over Thanking during the Intro – When you are introduced, it is okay to thank the person introducing you, however, you don’t want to make a big deal it. You also don’t want to thank the conference or association hosting your presentation, your friend in the front row, and the audience for allowing you to speak. You needRead More »

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