Team & Bid Presentation Skill Training

When most people think of presentations, they think of a stage and a large audience. A bid presentation is drastically different. You may present to a selection committee as few as three or five people and need to convey your value to them while millions of dollars may be looming in new work. Your company’s future is riding on a big bid presentation win, and you can’t mess this up. Meanwhile, your team is full of highly skilled, technical professionals, not the strongest presenters — now what do you don’t?

improve bid presentationThe good news is that selection committees are not judging you on your presentation skills. They want to engage with your team and find the right company before spending millions of dollars. The selection committee is making a big decision that they can’t screw up, and knowing they are more nervous than you, is the first key to understanding their viewpoint. You can’t go into a bid presentation looking to win because you’ll come across as salesy and pushy. Instead, you want to be yourself and convey your value and differentiation.

While this small audience is not judging your team solely on the delivery their presentation skills, your team still needs to communicate clearly and appear that you’ve done this before. If you do not practice your presentation together, then your selection committee is only seeing a disjointed group of strangers’ dress rehearsal.

Download my guide on 6 Strategies to Increase Your Bid Presentation Hit Rate by 20%. It includes the same strategies I helped a small construction company win four out of five bid presentations against a much larger competitor as well as the lessons I thought another client who increased his closing rate from 60% to 95%. Imagine what winning 20% more bid presentations will do for your company and for yourself.

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