Winning RFP, Sales, and Bid Presentations

Winning Bid PresentationsMost presentations for business have money at stake (bids, proposals, & RFPs) and many speakers struggle to engage audiences, especially in technical professional services like engineering, technology, finance, and construction. The technical presenters struggle because they were not taught how to craft great presentations in school and it is not their personality. They also talk too technical for their audience, which makes it impossible for the audience to appreciate their knowledge and buy from them.

Many presenters wait to the last minute and rush through the planning process of their presentation without taking into consideration their audience, goals, and overall message. Speak Simple works with presenters and presentation teams to create a powerful, simplified message that audiences will understand as well as improve the actual delivery of the presentation.

Training for RFP, Sales, & Bid Presentations can be done in multiple manners including:

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