Educational, Technical, Thought Leadership Presentations

Thought Leadership PresentationsGenerally, if you are presenting an educational topic for business, it is for your prospective audience. You need it to go well to position yourself as an industry expert and to generate new clients from your presentation. The key to having a great educational presentation is two-fold: the message and the delivery. Speak Simple can help you with both aspects and is uniquely adept at working with thought leadership presentations in the technical fields like science, engineering, technology, construction, and finance.

Most technical professionals are trained in their respective fields, not in communications, so presentations are foreign to them and these professionals do not know where to start. We will help guide you and your presentation team through the process of crafting a great presentation starting with your audience, goals, and objectives. You can’t start on your visual aid without first understanding why you are presenting and what is in it for your audience. Next, your Speak Simple coach will train your team on delivering your great presentation and facilitate simplifying your message to the audience’s knowledge level. Your training will also improve your presentation delivery skills, whether it is for a specific presentation coming up or for future use on multiple presentations.

Presentation Coaching for Education, Technical, & Thought Leadership Presentations can be done in multiple ways, including:

  • web_offer_banner_3_contentmarketingPresentation Assessments & Recommendations – A single or periodic skills evaluation of your delivery, message, engagement & more.
  • Executive Presentation Training – Ongoing monthly or bimonthly training to improve your specific communication skills and work on upcoming presentations as needed.
  • Presentation Team Training – Monthly training to improve the team’s presentation skills and prepare for any particular upcoming presentations.
  • Workshops and Lunch & Learns – Training your office about communications, simplifying your message, and how to create and deliver a great presentation.
  • Presentation Creation & Preparation – Working with you on a specific upcoming presentation.

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